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Daily reading: 20 February

Share in troubles

Something to read

Yet it was good of you to share in my troubles

- Philippians 4:14.

Something to think about

As I listen to this part of Paul’s letter today, the themes of gratitude and contentment still ring in the readers’ ears, though the images of need have perhaps changed. As I listen to Pauls words, I don’t just hear of Paul in need, but I am aware of the need facing communities across the world. I carry images of devastated families from the Coronavirus pandemic. I carry images from my own local community in Northern Ireland, of families wrecked by illness and others impacted by violence and I find myself asking ‘what troubles am I sharing in?'

We live in a complex time when it is possible to be globally aware yet locally isolated – however, surely I need to hold to both, the local and global 'sharing in troubles.' Sharing is not simply about knowing, but like the Philippians, how am I showing concern and meeting needs; how is my faith worked out through my hands, my feet, my time, my compassion and my purse?

Something to do

So perhaps today, can I invite you to re-read these words from Paul and consider with God, how you might ‘share in troubles’? Perhaps commit to a project globally (check out and then make one small practical response to someone you know, near you, who needs your help.

Just as Paul’s words reflect his very personal connection with and deep thankfulness for the people of Philippi, might we too consider both who we are thankful for and who we can help?

Something to pray

Help us God,

to find ways

to respond to others’ needs,

to find ways

to be generous

with both our presence

and our resource. Amen.

Today's contribution is based on a reflection provided by Helen Warnock for last year's lent reflections. Living in East Belfast, Helen is the Principal of Belfast Bible College and part of the leadership team at her local church.

Published on 20 February 2021

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Philippians 4:10-20