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Daily reading: 15 January

Something to read

If we ask anything according to his will, he hears us.

- 1 John 5:13-21 .

Something to think about

When we make prayer of any kind according to Christ’s will, that prayer is answered and fulfilled, already, at the moment of asking, though its working out in action may take millennia!

That is not our concern. Our calling is to make that prayer and give our souls and bodies over to God’s will and God’s action in us.

However, making that prayer is not always so straight forward. Left to our own minds and associated frameworks, we can easily get in the way of the prayer. Purely verbalising our cherished schemes for peace, harmony and fairness in the world does not render our prayer necessarily ‘according to his will’.

Our prayer becomes God’s prayer only when we actually let go of our precious ideas, understandings, programmes for happiness, and allow ourselves simply to rest in Christ, asking God’s Spirit to pray in us.

This is contemplative prayer – very different from making a list of well intentioned, righteous demands. If we really want to do God’s will in the world, we need to practice listening to God and opening to God’s action. Then, when we act, we will do so in ‘the boldness we have in him’, knowing our prayer has been answered by the grace of God.

Something to do

Take a walk outside if you can, in nature, through town, or simply sit somewhere and imagine yourself walking.

Notice the sounds and the smells, the feel of the elements on your face, in your hair, on your body, within your being. Smile, inwardly, outwardly, both…

Thank God for this moment, whether you feel happy or sad, calm or nervous. God is in this moment. Ask God to teach you, love you, free you to be the child of God that God knows you are.

Something to pray

God, lover of my soul, I hold before you, in this moment, my whole life. It does not belong to me though you give it me freely. Let this life be a light unto you, graciously laid down in you for the service of my sisters and brothers, wherever and whoever they might be. Amen.

Father Tim Ardouin is Church in Wales priest-in-charge in North Gower. He is a founder and director of the School of Christian Mysticism, a trustee for St Madoc Centre and Archbishop’s Officer for Interfaith Dialogue.

Published on 15 January 2022