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How can we come together, global South and North, to overcome the multiple crises our world is facing?

In this two episode podcast, we hear from church leaders and development experts in the global South and North exploring how we can understand the issues we face, re-think the ways we live and take action together.

Listening to those at the margins is key. Those whose voices are too often silenced or ignored. Contributors explore the challenges and the opportunities of this process and why churches and faith-based communities have a unique and critical role.

Presented by:

  • Bob Kikuyu, Christian Aid’s Global Theology Advisor
  • Lisa Adjei, Christian Aid's Church Relationships Manager


  • Michael Curry, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church in America
  • Robert Sewell, Dean of St George’s Jerusalem
  • Andrew John, Archbishop of Wales
  • Rachel Mash, Convenor of the Anglican Communion Environmental Network
  • Elizabeth Wathuti, Green Climate Fund Youth Champion
  • Ramani Leathard, Christian Aid's Head of Region for Asia and the Middle East
  • Anupama Ranawana, Christian Aid's Thematic Research Specialist
  • Ann-Marie Agyeman, Christian Aid's Poverty and Inequality Strategic Adviser

This podcast was written by John Plant, Christian Aid's National Churches Relationships Lead, and produced by Robert Woodford.

Episode #1: Listening with two ears and speaking with one voice

The world has changed. We are facing a triple emergency of climate chaos, COVID and conflict.

We need new ways of living as a global community that offer hope to all. Those at the margins, those who are impacted most by these crises, need to be heard urgently.

Episode #2: No longer Alone

Churches are global organizations. They are able to hear, share and amplify the voices of those at the margins.

But listening is not easy and we hear conflicting voices. When we get that process right, the outcomes are powerful and communities previously isolated and ignored are no longer alone. Who’s voices should be heard? Youth voices are especially important and all of us have a role to play. Listening will help us walk humbly together with God, to love mercy and do justice.

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