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When emergencies strike in these countries, we are there before, during and after to save lives and support people in the long term. 

We also work in other countries and regions through the ACT Alliance and our other partners, particularly around humanitarian emergencies such as the refugee crisis.

Did you know...

  • Our work in Africa includes strengthening peace-building in South Sudan, promoting resilient farming in Kenya and challenging inequality in Sierra Leone. We are also working with women to increase their access to green and sustainable energy in Burkina Faso, Ethiopia and Malawi.
  • In Asia, our programmes include promoting women's rights in Afghanistan, justice and peacebuilding in Myanmar and ensuring people can access the services they need in Bangladesh.
  • In Latin America and the Caribbean, we help promote gender justice in the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Guatemala, peace-building in Colombia, and and support marginalised communities to adapt their livelihoods to climate change in Honduras, Nicaragua and Haiti.
  • Our work in the Middle East includes defending people’s rights in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory, protecting women at risk of violence in Iraq and providing humanitarian assistance to refugees in Lebanon.
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Christian Aid works in four countries in Central America - Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua.


Partnership has been the bedrock of our work with communities in Nigeria, along with our core values of dignity, equality, justice and love.

Sierra Leone

Our vision is a Sierra Leone where poor and marginalised women and men have equal access to resources and services and can thrive.

South Sudan

Christian Aid has been operating in the Sudan and the current South Sudan since the 1970s.


Christian Aid's Syria crisis response involves working with partners inside Syria and on the associated refugee crisis in the Middle East.


Since early 2022, we've been working with local and national partners to support the people and communities most impacted by the war.

Christian Aid in Zimbabwe

The work of Christian Aid in Zimbabwe has people at its heart.