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Women's association gathering in Mali

Where we work

Christian Aid in Mali

We have been working in the Sahel region of West Africa since the 1970s. The programme in Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal began with a humanitarian focus, but now includes advocacy work, especially in economic justice and governance, and supporting the development of strong civil society organisations.

Due to rising temperatures which leave many regions more vulnerable to drought and increasing food prices, most Malians face challenges in feeding themselves and their families. The region is affected by natural disasters, such as drought and locust plagues, so our programme still includes a significant amount of humanitarian work.

We work with partner organisations that support families to grow food and adapt their farming techniques to the changing climate, making them self-sufficient and more resilient during food crises. Our partners have also been providing rice and cereal to displaced families.

We are currently updating this page and further information will be coming soon.

Reports and resources

Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire (Part 2)

In this report, three case studies – from Angola, Mali, and Honduras – of responses to climate change and conflict are presented.

Challenges in the Sahel: Implications for peace and development

This report is part of a series Christian Aid is producing to understand what ought to be done differently in tackling violence and building peace.

Lessons from Mali’s Arab Spring: why democracy must work for the poor

In early 2012, the landlocked west African country of Mali was rocked by a full-blown separatist rebellion in its northern regions.

Action2020 family planning: Mali context analysis

An in-depth investigation into the context and opportunities for civil society-led accountability on family planning in Mali.

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Women's association gathering in Mali


Christian Aid Sahel is based in Bamako, Mali, and Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

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