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Malawi savings and loans group

Christian Aid in Malawi

Christian Aid has been working in Malawi for almost 20 years. Our projects have focused mainly on resilience, disaster risk response and health, including maternal and child health and HIV treatment and prevention.

Christian Aid in Malawi supports vulnerable communities to improve health and build resilience by participating in and influencing development.

With our partners, we empower poor and marginalised communities and individuals to find practical and sustainable ways out of poverty and to be actively involved in decisions and opportunities that affect them.

Our programmes include work in a range of areas including climate change, economic justice, inclusive markets, gender and inequality, health, humanitarian, tackling violence, and building peace.


Our aims

  1. Address social and cultural norms such as fighting harmful cultural practices affecting girls and women;
  2. Promote good governance including working with community members, community structures, local leaders, and civil society organisations to promote accountable and responsive maternal and child health services in the Balaka and Karonga districts;
  3. Strengthen the health system by reducing maternal mortality rates, and increasing knowledge, awareness and adoption of promoted health behaviour;
  4. Increase productive assets including small scale livestock as a high impact strategy for sustaining community resilience to climate related shocks;
  5. Foster inclusive markets.


Going to the hospital with my husband has strengthened my marriage. We freely discuss issues of pregnancy, child birth and also family planning.

- Agnes Phiri, on the beneficiary of men improving access to the Maternal and Child Health Programme.

In Malawi we work on…

Community health

We aim to strengthen community health systems and their linkages with health service providers.

We are also advocating for equitable health financing through our budget analysis work and supporting government efforts in achieving Universal Health Coverage.

Gender and inequality

Our gender and inequality work addresses barriers that hinder gender equity for sustainable development.

The focus of our approach is on strengthening formal and informal institutions in order to address social norms and harmful traditional practices, while also strengthening enabling factors for meaningful participation of all genders in development.

Climate change and resilience

Climate change and resilience has been at the forefront of our work in Malawi.

Our approach aims to strengthen the ability of communities to adapt, transform and respond to climate change. Meanwhile, our humanitarian work seeks to address recurrent shocks to preserve these capacities.

Inclusive markets

In our inclusive markets and economic justice programmes we aim to complement our other areas of work by strengthening pro-poor market systems and policies through high impact approaches.

Kayira and her husband farming in Malawi

Nellie Kayira and her husband weed her crop of rice. Nellie is part of a village savings and loans group, which has helped her prepare for climate change.

We are currently updating this page and further information will be added soon.

Our programmes
Solar lamps have replaced firewood as the key energy source for lighting the home. Children can now study in the evening in a smokeless environment, Alduba village, Ethiopia.
Breaking the Barriers
The Breaking the Barriers programme aims to increase rural women’s jobs and income in the sustainable energy sector.
Maniche Balami and BVC secretary Scotch Stevens on the lake bed at Lake Chiuta in the Machinga district of Malawi
FISH programme
FISH worked to increase freshwater lake conservation in Malawi and to build the resilience of people who depend on them for their livelihoods.
A woman weeds a rice field in Malawi
Improving community resilience with increased water supply and food
The Improved Community resilience through increased water supply programme strengthened community resilience and adaptation to climate change.
Women with babies queue at health clinic
Increasing citizen’s demand for accountability and transparency
A three-year project helping communities hold duty bearers to account for the delivery of maternal and child health in Balaka district, Malawi.
A group of women in Malawi involved with the Investing for Impact programme
Investing for impact against tuberculosis and HIV
The project aims to reduce the mortality, morbidity and transmission rate of TB and HIV in Malawi, with a specific focus on mothers.
Irrigated land in Malawi
Pro-Resilience Action (PROACT) Malawi
The programme will ensure more than 65,000 vulnerable households are resilient to food and climate change shocks.
Protecting adolescent girls and young women from HIV in Malawi
Protecting adolescent girls and young women from HIV
This project aims to reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS among adolescent girls and young women in Mulanje district, Malawi.
Nigeria Maternal Health Programme UK Aid Match
UK Aid Match
UK Aid Match is a UK aid-funded programme that doubles all donations received during a defined appeal period. Read about our UK aid-funded programmes.

Reports and resources

Prayer for those affected by Cyclone Idai

A prayer for all communities affected.

Harvest school assembly - English

This assembly and accompanying ‘fairy tale’ explores how farmers in Malawi have overcome the challenges that climate change poses to their harvests.

Harvest school presentation - English

A presentation illustrating the story of Frank and the Pea Stalk which can accompany the Harvest fairy tale.

Harvest school presentation - Welsh

A presentation illustrating the story of Frank and the Pea Stalk which can accompany the Harvest fairy tale.

Harvest sermon notes

These notes for a Harvest thanksgiving service explore the story of Aster and a group of powerful women harvesting change in Ethiopia.
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Christian Aid Malawi is based in Lilongwe. We also draw on the expertise of colleagues from other Christian Aid teams across Africa and the world, staff at Christian Aid’s UK headquarters, and INGO networks in Malawi and beyond.


Christian Aid Malawi is based in Lilongwe.

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