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Woman and children play with educational toy

What we do

We work with local partners and communities to fight injustice, respond to humanitarian emergencies, campaign for change, and help people claim the services and rights they are entitled to.

We aim to end poverty and injustice worldwide by focusing on seven key areas – see below. This involves working in partnership with local organisations, as well as with governments and the private sector.

Our work includes helping people to:

  • claim their rights and access services such as healthcare and education
  • ensure they are not discriminated against for any reason
  • become more resilient to shocks and disasters such as drought, climate change and hurricanes
  • make the most of opportunities, such as being able to sell their produce for a fair price. 

Areas of work

Community health

Our health work includes nutrition, malaria, HIV, and maternal and child health. We aim to secure people's rights to services essential for healthy lives.

Inclusive markets

We help poor people gain access to new markets, obtain better prices for their products and access expertise, services and finance.

Voice and governance

Christian Aid believes that poverty is structural, caused by imbalances in power. Good governance is essential to ensure the rights of the poorest.

Resilience and climate

We work for a world where poor people are able to keep more of the wealth they generate, and can better protect themselves when disaster strikes.

Gender, power and inclusion

Unequal distribution of power is at the heart of poverty. And one of the most pervasive inequalities in the world is that between women and men.


We've been responding to humanitarian emergencies and disasters since 1945, providing urgently needed immediate relief and long-term support.

From violence to peace

Violence is a prime agent of poverty, capable of wiping out years of development and destroying thriving societies.

How we work

A bicycle race to celebrate Women's Day in Burundi

Introducing our Global Strategy

Christian Aid is on a journey. Working together, we can make this a world in which dignity, equality and justice are available to all.
Smiling women sitting together

How we operate

We work closely with our partners, donors and sister organisations towards our goals of ending poverty and injustice.
Pauline Ola, community health volunteer in Nigeria, using her camera provided as part of the Picture Power project

Communications for Development (C4D) at Christian Aid

A powerful two-way process that allows people to share what's important to them and shape the projects they're involved in.