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We believe in something radical: equality for all.

And although injustice divides us,
hope unites us;
bringing us together in faith,
inspiring us,
and driving us to action.

Because hope makes peace possible,
hope makes freedom unquestionable,
hope brings a better tomorrow for everyone.

Just because life isn’t fair now,
doesn’t mean it can’t be
and it starts with hope.

Girls holding hands walking to school
The world’s not a fair place, but we believe it should be.

That’s why we work hand-in-hand with local communities to create lasting change, offer lasting hope, and help people build a life free from poverty. To help us create lasting change, please donate today.


Watch our 'United By Hope' film

Together in hope

Prayer of hope

Join us as we pray in hope for the end of injustice, and a better tomorrow for everyone.

Stories of hope

Meet some of the people in our film and discover their inspiring stories of hope.