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A partner of Christian Aid visiting a project in Angola.

Evidence for Development Professionals

Online course

This course aims to improve the quality of evidence generated by development practitioners and other staff working in local and international non-governmental organisations. It does this by building their ability to commission, manage and participate in research and engage critically with evidence. Our long -term aim is that their voices, ideas and priorities influence development research so that it is more diverse, inclusive and useful to the communities it aims to serve.

Who the course is for

The course is aimed at development professionals who want to understand more about how to produce good quality evidence and critically engage with the evidence produced by others.

Course dates and details

The cost is £300 per participant.

This course is offered three times each year, beginning in January, April and September. Specific dates will be provided closer to the start of each course. 

Further background information about the course

The course follows the research cycle, enabling participants to think through each stage – from identifying a research question, designing and implementing research, considering ethics and data management, to communicating research in order to have greater impact.

The course is delivered online, through weekly interactive seminars. We use simple online facilitation tools – polls, mind-maps and quizzes – to collaborate remotely, stimulate discussion, and make the most of participants’ expertise. 

We combine elements of a university research methods course with an applied approach that draws on examples of practice from participants and the wider applied research community.

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