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Baribsi village, Yako province, Burkina Faso. Sally Belem, 32, conducts a survey into child nutrition in the Yako area, part of a two year study. Here she interviews a mother as part of the BRACED programme.

Research, Evidence and Learning team

Working to strengthen research, evidence and learning across Christian Aid, and to critically engage with the development sector in support of effective, inclusive practitioner research.

Our approach

Christian Aid believes in shifting power and working in partnership, and these principles underpin the work of the  Research, Evidence and Learning team, founded in 2016. 

What we do

The Research, Evidence and Learning (REL) team aims to:

  • support the generation of high quality research and evidence in Christian Aid
  • enable and encourage the use of evidence in programme design, organisational learning, understanding our impact,  policy development, and communication
  • shift power in the development research sector, advocating for research led by practitioners, designed for 

We do this through four areas of work:

  • capacity development
  • programme research and learning
  • internal strategic reviews
  • influencing the sector by advocating for practitioner-led development research that includes diverse and marginalised voices.
Community data gathering via mobile for the SABI programme

Our research and reflections on practice

Research, practice reviews and impact assessments we have commissioned, supported or written
Sixth form students writing notes in class

Capacity development

Learning resources, one-page guides and toolkits for practitioner and partnership research
A partner of Christian Aid visiting a project in Angola.

Evidence for Development

Find out about our online course on research evidence for development practitioners.

Key resources

Balancing research and practice in an international NGO

UK aid logo

Investing aid money in research for impact – what’s needed?

Development research funders need to re-think what research for impact means, argues Head of Research, Evidence and Learning Kate Newman.

Resources for fair and equitable development research partnerships

Meet the team

All the members of the Research, Evidence and Learning team have worked in both academia and NGOs.


  • bring together research skills and an understanding of practice
  • are experienced in applied, practical research and working in collaboration to develop research questions, choose research methods and plan for impact
  • champion practitioner research, capacity development and mutual learning.

Kate Newman

Kate has worked in the international development sector for more than 20 years, a researcher, teacher and practitioner fighting for social justice.

Cathy Bollaert

Cathy joined Christian Aid in October 2019 after a career in research and curriculum development in peacebuilding.

Kas Sempere

Kas is a Spanish sociologist with 15 years of experience in NGOs and universities.

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