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A female coffee farmer standing in front of trees in Burundi

In Their Lifetime Impact Report 2016-17

A year in review

Bringing men, women and children out of poverty is a complex challenge. Over the past year, thanks to your support, In Their Lifetime has uncovered new ways of tackling the complex root causes behind poverty. Communities are living free from the threat of violence; faith leaders are helping to transform cultures which marginalise women and supply chains are beginning to work in favour of poor farmers.

Key projects in focus

A smartly dressed young man and woman in Nigeria

Collective action for adolescent girls, Nigeria

In 2017, ITL began funding a new project in northern Nigeria, where child marriage is rife, focusing on girls aged 10-19.
A group of women wearing blue and red uniforms sitting in a classroom

Faith leaders championing women and girls, Zimbabwe

This project, new in 2017, seeks to understand and address the underlying, contributing factors behind gender-based violence in Zimbabwe.
A close up of a woman in a lab in India

EcoVeg, India

This project, which ended in December 2017, sought to equip poor and marginalised people in southern India to take advantage of the growing demand for organic food.
A woman making a cookstove

Improved cookstoves, Ethiopia and Mali

ITL's multinational cookstoves trial came to an end in 2017, with the completion of its final two pilot projects, in Ethiopia and Mali.


In Their Lifetime (ITL) plays a critical role in achieving Christian Aid's goal of ending global poverty. See how ITL has helped men, women and children across our key themes of work.

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