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Looking to the future

Christian Aid is closing our sister agency, InspirAction in Spain, as part of a change programme to deliver greater impact globally. We are focusing our work so that every programme reaches those most in need, addresses the root causes of poverty, speaks truth to power and raises the voices of people living in poverty. 

Inspired by our new global strategy, Standing Together, we are deepening our interventions in fewer countries and living as good stewards within our means. 

Our history

The great solidarity shown by people in Spain encouraged Christian Aid to open an office in 2009. We operated in Spain under the name InspirAction. We were hopeful that many people would join us in our work to tackle poverty by addressing its causes and proposing real solutions for people living in global poverty.

Just a few months after InspirAction was founded, 8,000 people had already joined us to expose the global scandal of poverty through advocacy and education.

Over the past 11 years, 40,000 people in Spain have been standing together with us to build a fairer world.

Focus on Latin America and the Caribbean

One of the main focuses our work has been to address the causes of poverty and inequality in Latin America.

We led the ‘Lives in Pause’ campaign in the Dominican Republic to end the exclusion of the Dominican people of Haitian origin, the Adapta project for climate change adaptation of small-scale cocoa and honey producers, and the protection of human rights defenders and people’s lands in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Watch our short video below about the Adapta project in Nicaragua.

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Tax justice

We were one of the first organisations in Spain to expose the tax evasion scandal and the need to promote a fair, national and international tax policy to achieve equality in society.

This started with our most popular campaign, The Southern Collector, our most international campaign, FIFA Games, and our most successful campaign that contributed to the creation of a new European law against money laundering, Ghost Companies Hunt.

We’ve also been one of the organisations promoting the Spanish Platform for Tax Justice, which is now the leading voice in the fight against tax havens and for a fairer tax system.

Climate justice

We were one of the first organisations in Spain to talk about the impact of climate change on the lives of the most vulnerable people around the world.

In recent years, we have become an authority in the fight against climate change by exposing the impact on human rights and gender equality, and by highlighting the importance of addressing climate migration.

Read our report on climate migration

We were pioneers in the battle against plastic waste, we promoted the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy, and we were one of the organisations that led thousands of people in the first mass demonstration against climate change in Spain.

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Gender justice

We have worked for gender equality with campaigns such as Free from Violence with a special focus on women human rights defenders and land rights defenders around the world.


Thanks to the solidarity and support of thousands of people in Spain over these past 10 years, we have responded to emergencies in Haiti, South Sudan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. 


Without a doubt, the great impact of InspirAction's work is thanks to its ability to bring people together.

We work with partners and activists across many alliances including: Alianza por el Clima, Plataforma por la Justicia Fiscal, la Coordinadora de ONGD de España, la Iglesia Evangélica Española, la Red de mujeres por una transición energética justa, la Plataforma por un nuevo modelo energético, Polétika, Eurodad, ACT Alliance and many more.

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