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We work across three districts in two regions in Ghana, strengthening civil society and fostering partnerships with local authorities.

Funded by the European Union and Christian Aid, the €947,000 project runs between 2017-19

Key information


Ellembelle District, Western Region, Ghana

Ayawaso East and Ablekuma South sub-metros in Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Ghana




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Target Population::

Young people aged 15-35, particularly those with disabilities and young women


UCSOND (United Civil Society Organisations for National Development), Ellembelle District Assembly, The Ghanaian Institute of Welders (GIW), GRATIS Foundation

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Our approach

Ghana’s economy has expanded in recent years, but poverty is still pervasive. More than 49% of Ghanaians live on less than US $2 a day.

Young people are particularly affected. Over 250,000 young people enter the labour market annually in Ghana, with the formal sector only able to engage 2% of this number, leaving 98% to survive in the informal sector or as unemployed. In GEOP target areas, alternative livelihood options are urgently needed. 

Our aims

GEOP will strengthen civil society and foster local authority partnerships to help create new jobs and increase environmentally sustainable economic activities. 

Economic opportunities for 15-35 year olds

We will create an environment for greater economic opportunities for 15-35 year olds, particularly those with disabilities, by:

  • promoting links between public, private and not-for-profit business initiatives,
  • strengthening business advisory centres,
  • setting up improved apprenticeships and accreditations for school leavers, master craftsmen and young women,
  • linking businesses to new graduates
  • and forming artisan and aquaculture cooperatives.

Economic opportunities for young women

We will reach young women in the informal sector to enable them to participate more effectively in economic opportunities. 

Revenue generation

We will enhance local authorities’ capacity to mobilise revenue generation from non-state actors (NSA) and the private sector, and improve service delivery accountability and effectiveness to be able to better integrate economic growth for citizens into local planning.

Reports and resources

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