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Fatuma Kusheni outside her home in Ethiopia, with her herd of goats

Building resilience to climate change

Ethiopia and Burkina Faso are struggling with climate change. Droughts, floods and high temperatures are destroying people’s lives. Discover how our programme is helping these communities adapt to life in the most fragile of environments.

From 2014-2018, the BRACED programme worked with communities in high-risk locations in Ethiopia and Burkina Faso to promote resilience in the face of increasingly erratic weather patterns and climate shocks.

Delivering the knowledge and resources they need to anticipate weather events and to better adapt and protect their livelihoods.

In the first of a series of DataStories, we explore, through interviews and data, the impact of our resilience projects in Ethiopia and Burkina Faso.

Programme highlights

Datastory: The disruptive power of credit

Datastory: The disruptive power of credit

Dive in and learn more

Samba village, Yako Province, Burkina Faso, Salamata's father Ram Zoundi, 61, chairman of the Nutrition team committee.

DataStories: Burkina Faso

Explore our impact data and hear from the communities at the heart of our resilience programme in Burkina Faso.
Patricia from BRACED

Resilience to climate change data

Find out more about how data was used to measure the resilience of BRACED communities and explore and download all our data.