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A just and equitable energy transition: getting down to business

The transition away from fossil fuels to sustainable renewable energy must avoid repeating the abuses committed by fossil fuel industries.

The erosion of multilateralism and the betrayal by the Global North

This essay discusses how global power imbalances, an elitist disdain for democratic and universal processes and solutions, the rise of fundamentalisms, and overburdening of social movements

The world is waking up!

This essay mourns our planet’s economic collapse amidst rising inequality and a backlash against women’s rights.

How can a transformational new social contract be won?

This essay looks at the important role that faith organisations (and people inspired by faith) have historically played - and could play today - in advancing a social contract that helps all people and our planet thrive

Ubuntu: a framework for a new feminist contract for people and planet

This essay discusses a new feminist social contract for people and the planet from the perspective of relationships and their value in building resilience, conflict resolution and peacebuilding, and in facilitating consensus and inclusion in decisions