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Racial Justice Sunday 2023

On 12 February Christian Aid will be supporting Churches Together in Britain and Ireland’s Racial Justice Sunday 2023.

Climate Justice Constituency Campaigner

We're looking for dedicated constituency campaigners. Maybe that's you?

Ethiopia update

In July 2022, as East Africa experiences its worst drought in 40 years, the Scottish Government announced it would release £250,000 from its humanitarian emergency fund.

Decolonising evaluation: whose value counts?

How we at Christian Aid are decolonising our evaluation practice.

2022 Campaigns Round Up

What have we achieved together with our 2022 campaigning work?

Here's What Happened At COP27 Day of Action

Campaigns graduate, Emily, shares her experience at the COP27 Global Day of Action in London.

Christian Aid Annual Lecture 2022

View the full keynote speech from David Lammy MP - video and transcript.

What happened at COP27?

Here's our roundup of what happened at this year's COP climate conference.

A feminist social contract in the globalised world

Focused on Latin America this essay explores the gendered impacts of rising inequalities and how inequalities in the region effectively create a situation of segregation along lines of race or gender.

A feminist social contract, theologically speaking?

This essay discusses relational theological imagery constructed by (eco)feminist theologians, including theological discourses that have constructed imagery of the earth as the interconnected body of God, thereby rendering it sacred.

How can a transformational new social contract be won?

This essay looks at the important role that faith organisations (and people inspired by faith) have historically played - and could play today - in advancing a social contract that helps all people and our planet thrive

Reimagining a feminist social contract in fragile and conflict settings

This essay focuses on social contracts in fragile and conflict settings.

The dream that can still be: The Chilean process to a new social contract

This essay focuses on the Chilean ‘awakening’ which has occurred since longstanding economic policies which have privileged an elite led to social unrest in 2019, the proposed new Constitution that would have responded to the calls of activists.

Ubuntu: a framework for a new feminist contract for people and planet

This essay discusses a new feminist social contract for people and the planet from the perspective of relationships and their value in building resilience, conflict resolution and peacebuilding, and in facilitating consensus and inclusion in decisions

The world is waking up!

This essay mourns our planet’s economic collapse amidst rising inequality and a backlash against women’s rights.

The invisible Black women

Robert’s essay discusses how social contracts discussion in the West has a poor record on ‘race’ and gender, marginalising Black women’s demands for justice.

The Rights-Based Economy and the feminist social contract: natural allies?

This essay explores how the Rights-Based Economy has potential to contribute to economic transformation, and to help identify and facilitate points of alignment.

Sunny Huang completes the Full House challenge

Glencoe summit ascent could be record breaker for climbing nurse