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Make Polluters Pay Action Day Roundup

Together we're powerful!

Helping indigenous women and youth become agents for change

Introducing the "USAID Reducing Conflict through Indigenous Women and Youth" project.

South Sudan

As South Sudan, the world’s youngest nation, marks another year of independence the country continues to face multiple humanitarian challenges.

The climate crisis is costing the earth: make polluters pay

Hear from Christian Aid Scotland's Campaigns and Advocacy Coordinator, Lucy, as she discusses the current climate crisis and how you can help.

5 inspiring Faith Will ideas for your church

Helping you spread the message: ‘Your Faith is powerful, and so is your Will’.

Turkey-Syria Earthquake - 6 months on

In Turkey and Syria, stories of support from community organisations demonstrate the power of compassion and solidarity during times of crisis.

Exploring Orkney and meeting Supporters

Scotland's Church Engagement and Fundraising Officer, Lauren Petherbridge, took to Orkney to interact with supporters and explore the beautiful sights.

Escaping the conflict in Sudan – voices from the border

Fighting has forced thousands to flee Sudan across the border into South Sudan. Christian Aid met some of the new arrivals. Hear their stories.

Watch now: Are we really ‘Shifting Power’ in the aid sector?

A conversation on whether progress is being made towards an accountable and locally-led aid system.

Towards a decolonial ethic for building fair and equitable research partnerships

'We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are'. Cathy Bollaert reflects on building fair and equitable research partnerships.

Unfolding crisis on the border with Sudan

Around 2.5 million people have been displaced by the conflict in Sudan.

The Paris Summit: a missed opportunity for global collaboration

The French Government has described the Summit as a ‘stepping stone’ in tackling the climate crisis and global poverty. But it’s feared summit will be little more than a talking shop.

CLIMA project in Nicaragua comes to an end

While the full evaluation report is still being drawn up, preliminary findings show that the project made significant impacts despite a number of challenges.

Our CEO visits Sierra Leone

In February, Christian Aid’s CEO Patrick Watt, travelled to Sierra Leone to see our programme first-hand and spend time with partners, funders, and political and religious leaders in the country.

Christian Aid Week 2023 – a huge thank you!

Throughout May you baked, planted, spoke, Big Pea Challenged, cycled, organised, prayed, walked, ran, quizzed and so much more.

Kicking off the Kiltwalk 2023

This years' Kiltwalk in Glasgow was kicked off with the attendance of many of our supporters, including the Moderator of the Church of Scotland.

Make Polluters Pay

As fossil fuel companies post more huge profits, we argue that they should pay for the climate crisis

Scottish Government humanitarian funding for Ukraine

Christian Aid has been awarded £250,000 from the Scottish Government’s Humanitarian Emergency Fund for a project in Ukraine.