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Anne's story: Skydiving for a cause

Meet Anne Baker, the 70-year-old fundraiser taking the plunge for christian aid.

Christian Aid and the Methodist Church team up to fight poverty

Renewing our commitment to overcoming global injustice with the Methodist Church.

Christian Aid’s key asks to the new UK government

We ask our new leaders to embrace bold choices to combat poverty.

7 bible verses about nature and the environment

Read what the Bible has to say about caring for the earth and fighting back against the climate crisis.

Land's End to John O'Groats Cycle for Christian Aid

Our supporters Bill and Jon completed a 1,000-mile cycle, over one month, for Christian Aid!

Faith Will: Imagine the change we can make together

Discover how Faith Will is empowering churches and Quaker meetings to embrace the power of legacy gifts.

5 inspiring Faith Will ideas for your church

Our selection of ideas to help you start you Faith Will conversation.

Palestinian children draw memories of ruins

According to United Nations data, more than half of Gaza’s homes have been destroyed or damaged – as have 267 places of worship.

Reimagining how to fund cash transfers to communities

Exploring the difference between localising institutional CVA and enabling CVA as part of locally led response.

Breaking New Ground – Loss and Damage in Ethiopia

With the mercury nudging 40 degrees, a scorching, dusty wind blows sand across the arid landscape.

Meet Ian Bell: Volunteer Campaigner

Get to know Ian Bell, a passionate Christian Aid volunteer advocating for change.

Christian Aid Week 2024 – a massive thank you!

As heartfelt thank you to all our incredible supporters and fundraisers, here is a snapshot of the incredible things you did during Christian Aid Week 2024.

The Role of African Development Bank in Delivering Renewable Energy

Delving into the African Development Bank's energy investment. Could they be doing more to uplift Africa's energy-poor communities?

Africa's debt crisis

Christian Aid partners highlight how paying debt comes at the expense of African nurses’ salaries, investment in schools and expansion of social protection measures.

Avocados are getting smashed by climate change

Report reveals avocados are under threat from the climate crisis, sparking calls for faster emission cuts and more support for farmers.

Scottish Faith Leaders Unite for Climate Action

Today faith leaders, leading scientists, and members of civil society in Scotland have gathered to collectively declare the strong moral and scientific imperative for renewed and urgent action to tackle the climate crisis.

New Chair of Christian Aid Wales National Committee

Rev Andrew Sully, has been announced as the new Chairperson of the Christian Aid Wales’ National Advisory Committee.

Cadeirydd newydd i Bwyllgor Cenedlaethol Cymorth Cristnogol Cymru

y Parch Andrew Sully, wedi ei ddewis yn Gadeirydd newydd Pwyllgor Ymgynghori Cenedlaethol Cymorth Cristnogol Cymru.