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Please pray with us and support this urgent DEC appeal

The floods have killed at least 1,100 people, and left more than 6 million in urgent need of humanitarian assistance.

The government of Pakistan has called for international assistance to provide humanitarian aid, and in response, the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) have launched an emergency appeal.

Christian Aid is not present in Pakistan, so we aren't responding directly.

We ask you to stand with us and support our fellow DEC member charities as they scramble to respond to meet people’s basic needs such as food, clean water and shelter. We'll also be supporting the ACT Alliance with a contribution.

Key facts

  • according to the government of Pakistan, a third of the country - an area the size of the UK - has been submerged
  • over a million homes have been destroyed or damaged
  • the worst-hit areas have seen five times as much rainfall as the 30-year average
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Please help DEC charities provide vital emergency aid like clean water, food, shelter and healthcare to affected communities in Pakistan.

How we're supporting the response - and how you can too

Alongside the DEC's response, the ACT Alliance coalition of church and church-related organisations are helping our partners respond through their own appeal.

As we aren't responding directly, Christian Aid is contributing £50,000 to support the ACT Alliance Pakistan Appeal.

How you can support the DEC response

Their member charities are already on the ground providing life-saving aid, either directly or through local partners, and are coordinating closely with the local authorities and UN agencies.

They urgently need more funds to scale up their operations - and conditions are expected to worsen as the rains continue.

With your prayers and your gifts, will you stand with our global neighbours in Pakistan?

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Pray with us

A Prayer for Pakistan

In response to the devastating floods.