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South African women embracing

Two activists embrace in KwaMashu, an informal settlement north of Durban, South Africa. - Photo Credit: Simon Hutchinson, Irish Methodist World Development & Relief

Learning from working in partnership

These Christian Aid reports share learning from decades of close collaboration with local and national organisations in Angola, Brazil, Ghana, Guatemala, South Africa and the Philippines.

These six country programmes are now closed, or are closing due to an organisational restructure. The reviews aim to share learning from our decades of collaboration so that we can better support our partners in countries where we continue to work.    

These reports will be of great interest to anyone who wants to find out more about the different ways Christian Aid collaborated with and supported partner organisations, and about the different thematic areas and evolution of Christian Aid’s work within each of the six countries. 

Leaving and Learning

This briefing summarises learning from the six in-depth country reports and key principles that underpin Christian Aid’s approach to partnership. It also makes important recommendations for other international development organisations to consider looking forward. 

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Avelina Nangulande holding her daughter Dominga

Avelina Nangulande with her daughter Dominga outside their home. - Christian Aid / Eugenie Galbas

Angola learning review

The report celebrates the Angola programme’s thirty-seven years of work strengthening civil society spaces and working with vulnerable and hard-to-reach communities, such as remote rural group and street dwellers.

Brazil learning review

The review seeks to celebrate the Brazil programme’s 36 years of work, to capture learning around how it worked in partnership with social and ecumenical movements and the types of partnerships and networks that it developed around the globe. 

A protester is holding up their hand which is holding a white rose and a bamboo stick.

Communities demand compensation after the Brumadinho dam collapsed in 2019 killing 270 people. - Christian Aid/Rodrigo Zaim Rua Foto Coletivo

Amina outside her home in Ghana- Christian Aid

Amina Issah Ebanyinle outside her home in Ghana. - Christian Aid/ Lema Concept Africa

Ghana learning review

The report captures learning on tax justice and market development, two areas of focus and innovation for the Ghana programme. It also reflects on the evolution of Christian Aid Ghana's partnerships with national associations and institutions.

Guatemala learning review

The report shares insights from our work in the country and about the process of developing a joint programming initiative with five other ACT Alliance agencies, called ACTuando Juntos.

Guatemalan woman smiling at the camera.


A laughing woman stands in front of a wall painting of someone affected by typhoon Haiyan.

Maria Golda Paz Hilario stands in front of paintings of those affected by Typhoon Haiyan on the i...Amy Sheppey/ Christian Aid.

Philippines learning review

This report captures learning about how we worked with local and national organisations in the country to build climate resilience and strengthen civil society. 

South Africa learning review

The South Africa report captures key insights from the programme's 60 years of work to end apartheid and global inequality. It explores the nature of the partnerships developed, the types of organisations we partnered with, and how those partners influenced our thinking and work.

Image of a group of activists sitting around a table and talking

South African community activists - Credit: ACT Ubumbano