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International Aid Transparency Initiative

Christian Aid understands that information is a valuable resource and that unequal access to information is an important facet of unjust power relations that keep people poor.

Through our programmes and our policy and advocacy work, we call on institutions to make information available so that our partners and the communities we work with can hold them to account.

We also support our partners to make information about their own activities available to their programme participants so that communities can give informed input into the decisions that affect their lives, and hold partners to account for their interventions.

Embodying openness

At Christian Aid, we are committed to embodying the openness and transparency that we expect in others, and as part of this commitment we provide open access to key data under the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI)

Launched in 2011, IATI aims to improve the accessibility and comparability of aid spending across the sector. When an organisation publishes data through IATI, they are required to do so in a very specific format that allows the data to be linked to data from other organisations. This makes comparison possible. Data is published in reports that are then linked to the IATI Registry, making it easy to access reports from many different organisations.

What we publish

Christian Aid currently publishes data relating to all of its DFID-funded work.  In the context of IATI reporting, Christian Aid defines an ‘activity’ as an area of our work covered by a specific funding stream. The following information is included for each activity:

  • Name and brief description of the area/type of work 
  • Start and end dates 
  • Total expenditure to date 
  • Budget for the financial year 
  • Breakdown of percentage spent by each country 
  • Breakdown of percentage spent by each strategic objective 
  • Quarterly summary of expenditure 
  • Quarterly summary of income 
  • Breakdown of grant transfers to implementing partners.

We are committed to increasing the amount of information that we publish, and are exploring ways to make our IATI data more accessible to different audiences.


Find out more

The IATI Registry has a page that lists Christian Aid’s IATI reports.

Christian Aid's Open Information Policy.