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Annual review front cover

Annual Review 2018/19

A summary of our work, including our income and expenditure, in 2018/19.

Standing Together: For Dignity, Equality and Justice

Over the past year, we have been through a process of looking back at our history, the world as it is today, and the unique contribution we can bring in changing people’s lives. We have revisited our vision, mission, values, and developed a new strategic framework that will influence how we make change happen.

Our vision

Is a world where everyone has fullness of life; a life lived with dignity, free from poverty and need; where global resources are equitably shared and sustainably used; and where the voice and agency of the poor and marginalised are fully realised.

Our values infographic

Our analytical framework: Poverty, power and prophetic voice

We understand that to achieve lasting solutions, poverty and power and people’s ability to speak against injustice must be tackled together. 

We therefore commit ourselves to focusing on people living in extreme poverty and prioritising activities that can deliver all three pillars of our poverty, power and prophetic voice analytical framework:

• poverty – reaching those most in need

• power – addressing the root causes of poverty

• prophetic voice – speaking truth to power and building local and collective agency.

Our work

The map below shows the countries we worked in across the world in 2018/19.

Our work around the world

These activities are a result of our commitment to partnership, which is rooted in our conviction that people are actors in their own development. It is by growing and deepening our partnerships that we have the best chance of achieving our ultimate goal: an end to poverty. We believe that every human being is of equal worth and dignity, and that we are called to strengthen people’s agency.

We do not hold the control… we transfer the power to the people. That is the point of the .. approach that we have learned from Christian Aid

- Christian Aid partner in the West Bank.

Here are a few examples of how we are working together to achieve this goal:

  • supporting Amazonian communities to achieve land rights
  • achieving a breakthrough in our campaign for tax justice in the UK
  • helping farmers increase their income in Bangladesh
  • demanding justice for disappeared people in Colombia
  • supporting vulnerable children with comprehensive assistance in Kenya
  • improving health in Sierra Leone and Burundi
  • empowering West Bank communities to take action and make change happen
  • helping Sierra Leoneans to become more active and informed citizens
  • bringing faith leaders together to fight for gender justice
  • striving for global action on climate justice.
  • helping to establish a network in South Africa, to address issues of economic, gender and environmental injustice

For more information refer to our Annual Report and Accounts 2018/19

Highlights from our humanitarian work

humanitarian projects
people in need reached

We have provided humanitarian assistance in many areas of the world. In Bangladesh we supported the Rohingya community by managing camps housing more than 81,000 people, including building community kitchens, schools and safe places for women and children. Our response in Nigeria has directly reached more than a quarter of a million people affected by the conflict there providing basic food-needs and sanitation infrastructure. We have also supported the social and economic needs of poverty-stricken communities affected by conflict in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

In the Philippines, we helped around 6,000 survivors to recover from Typhoon Mangkhut, helping them to repair schools and evacuation centres and in the immediate aftermath of Cyclone Idai we provided food, cooking utensils and cash to over 6,000 households in Malawi and Zimbabwe. 

For more information refer to our Annual Report and Accounts 2018/19

Map - Humanitarian work

Supporter partnerships

Christian Aid depends on more than 80,000 supporters who give a regular donation; their generosity has raised more than £13.3m this year. Many supporters have also given generously to appeals for our humanitarian and development work.

A particular highlight was the 2018 Harvest Appeal, which raised more than £1m thanks to the EU matching the money raised. Christian Aid Week 2018 raised £8.6m and continues to be an incredible moment of giving, action and prayer, with more than 12,000 churches and 57,000 amazing volunteers taking part.

Our Cyclone Idai appeal raised more than £590,000 online – the highest digital income Christian Aid has ever received for an appeal.

More than £13.5m was raised through legacy giving this year. This is the highest ever total for legacies and a testament to so many incredible Christian Aid supporters who have made gifts in their Wills. 

Thank you for your support in 2018

given in Wills
dedicated volunteers
churches supported Christian Aid Week
London Marathon
2018/19 Financial overview infographic

For more details refer to our Annual Report and Accounts 2018/19