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What is accountability?

Accountability isn't just about processes and systems – it's a core organisational value which governs:

  • our behaviour
  • the way we approach partnership
  • how we go about implementing our work

We're working towards a set of cross-organisational accountability standards, against which we monitor and report our performance.

Who are we accountable to?

We refer to the following groups as our 'stakeholders', and they include:

  • the poor and marginalised communities whom we exist to serve
  • our partner organisations
  • our donors and supporters
  • our sponsoring churches
  • staff and management
  • our allies, suppliers, regulators and those we seek to influence
  • the media and wider public
Read our latest safeguarding statement

Find out what Christian Aid has done, and is doing, to protect the communities we seek to help, our partners and staff.

Read our annual reports

We're always striving to strengthen our accountability practice.

Our practice

We produce regular reports to share the work we are doing to achieve our mission. We regularly evaluate our work in a range of different ways, identifying learning, successes and challenges.

Past annual reports

Christian Aid's year of impact

Yearly updates on Christian Aid's work around the world.
Read all our previous annual reports

See every annual review of our work, including our income and expenditure, dating back to 2006/07.

Our important policy documents

From safeguarding to complaints, see how we make efforts to maintain our high standards in our work.

Safeguarding at Christian Aid

Christian Aid is committed to protecting the dignity and rights of every person.

Christian Aid's gender pay gap

An annual report from our Chief Executive.

Code of Conduct

The standards of behaviour we expect from all staff, trustees, volunteers and partners.

Open information policy

How we respond to requests for information and what types of information we actively prioritise.

International Aid Transparency Initiative

We provide open access to key data under the International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI).

Our carbon footprint

How and why we report our in-house carbon dioxide emissions and full greenhouse gas emissions.

Dive into DataStories

Our digital storytelling platform combines compelling personal stories with data.

Christian Aid Supporter Care Charter

How do we support those who support us? Read our full Charter.

Feedback and complaints policy

This policy outlines how our staff should handle feedback and complaints.

Invitation to Tender

Christian Aid invites organisations to make a firm offer for the establishment of Agreement for the provision of services.

Christian Aid's year of impact

Yearly updates on Christian Aid's work around the world.

Our other important policies

Further reading about our important policies around keeping our staff, partners, and the communities we work with globally safe, and financial information.

Contact us

Find answers to some frequently asked questions, or send us a message with your questions, comments or feedback. You can also update your personal details held by us.

Raise a complaint

We value every one of the compliments and comments we receive and take formal complaints about the way we work very seriously.

Raise a complaint outside of the UK

If you live outside of the UK mainland, you can raise a complaint here.