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Published on 17 October 2019

Katy McCabe from the Christian Aid Yorkshire office tells us why she #StandUp4Mums this Christian Aid Week.

This Christian Aid Week (12-18 May), we hear heartbreaking stories of mums and babies in Sierra Leone, whose lives are often at risk from a lack of healthcare.  

At a recent supporter day in York, our supporter Rachel Jones shared with us why she stands with mothers this Christian Aid Week:

I stand with mums because everyone deserves to give birth safely.

- Rachel Jones, Christian Aid group in York .

I’m sure you agree that all mums should be able to receive safe healthcare. But sadly 10 women die every day giving birth in Sierra Leone. 

Pregnant mums like Jebbeh face an uncertain future in the world’s most dangerous place to give birth.

Being part of the Christian Aid Week project this year, these two facts have struck me as unjust and have moved me to speak out against the crippling Ebola debt which means women are risking their lives giving birth.  

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Nurse Judith works in a health clinic in Sierra Leone and is helping mothers have the dignity to give birth safely. She told us why she thinks things are going to change in her community:

It’s because of the empowerment, because we’ve come together, that is why they say unity is strength.

- Nurse Judith Lassie .

I think Nurse Judith's statement works on many levels and applies to us in our own communities in the UK. 

As we approach Christian Aid Week (12-18 May 2019), remember our strength comes from our unity, as we stand together, for dignity, equality and justice for everyone. 

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