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Published on 19 March 2019

Christian Aid Scotland and partners are delighted to be working with the Scottish Government's International Department in Zambia, one of their new priority countries.

The project, called Making Agriculture a Business, will support some of the poorest and most marginalised groups in Central Province.

Helping women and people living with disabilities to be economically empowered and working cooperatively to develop sustainable businesses that can move them out of poverty.

Two women showing off their latest crop

Christian Aid Scotland, supported by committed churches across Scotland, has worked alongside the Scottish Government on life-changing projects in South Asia and Malawi.

This new project will support subsistence farmers to diversify their crops and sell more produce at a better price at market. The farmers groups will also be supported to raise their voice and engage with government and business to improve the business environment.

A man walks past some growing oranges
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Christian Aid Scotland empowering farmers in Zambia with Making Agriculture a Business
A man holding some fresh oranges

The project will work in collaboration with partners including Churches Health Association in Zambia (CHAZ), Strathclyde University and Cooperative College.

Head of Christian Aid Scotland, Sally Foster-Fulton said: “We greatly welcome this funding from the Scottish Government to support this transformational project in Zambia. Small-scale farmers will not only be empowered to develop profitable businesses but will also be impacting the wider agriculture environment in Zambia for women and people with disabilities.”

If your church would like to be involved with the Zambia Community Partnership, please email Mary Mulligan in the Edinburgh office for more information.