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Published on 15 August 2023

Over the years, Christian Aid has worked collaboratively with indigenous leaders and communities in Honduras.

Together, we’ve learned valuable lessons about the importance of protecting the environment and preserving ancient traditions.

We continue to stand in solidarity with the indigenous peoples, recognising their continuous struggle for their rights, the defence of their territories and for their voices to be heard for self-determination, justice and the historic contribution to the solution of the great crises like the climate.

Empowering communities: Our vision for change

As part of our dedication to creating positive change, Christian Aid, with the invaluable support of USAID, has launched the ‘USAID Reducing Conflict through Indigenous Women and Youth’ project.

Working through the partnership of local organisation OCDIH and CDH, the project leverages the role of women and youth to support safe and secure environments. 

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Credit: Camila Cantillano/OCDIH
Shannon Schissler and Yanni Vílchez pose for a photo with a group of people in cultural Honduran clothing

If the role of women and youth is increased and they work together, they can empower the indigenous communities of Honduras so that subsequent generations live in peace and prosperity on their ancestral lands.

- Shannon Schissler, Director of the Office of Democracy and Governance of USAID.

This project is rooted in the belief that when women and youth are empowered and collaborate, they can help build safer societies sustaining peace and resolving conflict.

It’s hoped that they’ll become agents of transformation for indigenous communities in Honduras.

Launch event highlights

The launch event, on 8 August 2023, brought together young people, indigenous Maya-Chorti and Lenca leaders, and members of various organizations in an act that praised unity and collaboration. It was a real success that filled us with pride.

Taking place ahead of UN’s International Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples, the event allowed many to come together and celebrate the rich heritage and resilience of indigenous peoples around the world.

The energy and enthusiasm witnessed during the launch reinforced our determination to drive positive and lasting change. We’re committed to a future that values diversity, empowers indigenous voices and promotes a world in harmony.

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Credit: Camila Cantillano/OCDIH
Honduran cultural performance Chortí Group from Copán Ruinas pose for a photo at the launch event
Christian Aid in Honduras

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