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What's next for Climate justice?

Published on 6 January 2022

Happy New Year!

2021 was a huge year for the climate justice movement! With the UK hosting the COP26 climate summit, all eyes were on Glasgow as climate change rose to the top of British voters’ concerns. Sadly, COP26 failed to deliver the breakthroughs needed for countries and communities on the frontline of the climate crisis. Which is why in 2022 we will need to push our agenda for climate justice even harder. 

This means doing three things over the next 12 months: 

1) 2022 needs to be a year where we hold the UK Government to account for what was and what wasn’t achieved in Glasgow.  

It’s why we ran our ‘Proof is in the Pudding’ campaign action alongside Tearfund and ONE just before the Christmas break.

Warm words and commitments on climate change are no longer enough - action must be taken to draw the fossil fuel era to a close and to deliver a step change in finance for those hit hardest by the climate crisis. 

2) 2022 must be a year when we make real progress on the loss and damage agenda.  

Reducing our emissions and building resilience will only take us so far. Climate justice means that polluters must pay for the irreparable losses and damages caused by climate change.  

Loss and damage became a top priority at COP26, but leaders failed to act. This cannot be repeated when the COP27 summit meets in Egypt later this year. 

3) 2022 must be a year when we continue to build our climate movement.  

Christians and people of faith were central to the climate demonstrations, marches and protests that happened around COP26. More and more churches are becoming eco-congregations and demanding that their denominations divest from fossil fuels, but we still have much to do.  

This is a critical decade for climate justice, where we’ll be pushing for churches to listen to one another and share ideas about how we can make campaigning for climate justice an even bigger deal. 

So, what are we doing about all of this? Here’s our commitment this year: 

  • To continue to hold the Government to account on promises made and broken 
  • To launch a new campaign on loss and damage 
  • To actively reach out to you, our supporters and listen to your views on where we should take our climate justice campaigning next. 

Happy New Year!  

Let’s get to work.