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We call for peace in Colombia

Catalina and her daughter in Colombia Christian Aid

On the eve of the second anniversary of the signing of the Final Peace Agreement in Colombia, the need to sustain peace in Colombia has never been greater – with worrying reports of the murders of 226 social leaders and human rights defenders in 2018 alone.

Our new report calls for sustained peace and respect for human rights in Colombia – including economic and social rights – as well as the inclusion of the voices of women and minority groups in the peacebuilding process.

Engaging with the peace process in Colombia

The focus on human rights as a means to build peace is what enabled the perspectives of women, ethnic groups and marginalised communities including Afro-Colombians and indigenous groups to be included in the 2016 agreement.

Download our report: ‘Engaging with the peace process in Colombia'

A crucial moment for peace

Karol Balfe, Christian Aid’s head of ‘From Violence to Peace’, said: ‘While not perfect, the Peace Agreement in Colombia offers the most transformative potential for the promise of peace in a generation.

‘This is a crucial moment for peace in Colombia – with a new government visibly less committed to the Final Peace Agreement and an escalation of attacks against human rights defenders – the need to sustain peace in Colombia has never been greater than now. Because peace is by no means guaranteed and will require sustained and ongoing effort.’

Read our full report – ‘Engaging with the peace process in Colombia’