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Lancashire Walk of Solidarity

Clare Hyde

Eleven miles is the average distance that a pregnant woman in Sierra Leone has to travel to access maternity services. Imagine being in labour and having to walk that distance. It's almost unthinkable. Yet it's the only option for many women in Sierra Leone. It's like walking the distance from Clitheroe to Blackburn Hospital! And that's exactly what Clare Hyde from Knowle Green is going to do.

When I read in Christian Aid magazine about Jebbeh’s experience of childbirth in Sierra Leone, I was moved to act. No woman should have to enter pregnancy feeling dread because of the lack of support and a safe place to deliver her baby.

- Clare Hyde, St Johns, Hurst Green.

To draw attention to this issue and raise money for Christian Aid’s work, Knowle Green supporter Clare Hyde is walking the route on Saturday 4 May, calling at churches en route.

Christian Aid Week runs from 12-18 May and is an opportunity to bring hope to the world’s poorest mums, through our gifts, prayers and actions. Why not get involved?