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Published on 3 June 2020

After 18 years of service to Christian Aid, the time came to say farewell to Anna Jane Evans, the Regional Coordinator for North Wales. Anna Jane started in her post in 2002 and was a valuable member of the Wales from then on. She moves on to became a minister with the Presbyterian Church in Wales, serving the churches of Seilo, Caernarfon, and Eglwys y Waun, Waunfawr.

During her time with Christian Aid she travelled to five different countries to see for herself the difference the generosity of Wales’s churches can make among the poorest communities of our world.

Anna Jane said, ‘The highlight among those trips was my visit to the Philippines as part of the Presbyterian Appeal in 2018. It was so inspiring meeting with ordinary people who have been trained and empowered by Christian Aid’s partners to challenge the authority of the government there. Through their efforts they have been able to insist on their rights and that has been crucial as they fight against poverty.

‘It’s been a real privilege to work for Christian Aid over these years. Of course, in one sense, I’m not finishing – I’ll continue to volunteer just as I did before I came on staff. The relationship will continue.’

A great contribution

In wishing her well, Cynan Llwyd, Christian Aid’s Acting Head of Wales, said, ‘We’re sad to say farewell to Anna Jane since her contribution has been so great. She is a person full of passion for Christian Aid’s work and is someone who feels very strongly about injustice and poverty in our world.

‘Among her many achievements, we could list the many BBC radio worship services she has prepared, as well as quite a few services for the National Eisteddfod, and two significant sponsored walks – the first from Nasareth, Caernarfon, to Bethlehem, Carmarthenshire, and the second from Bethlehem to Aifft (Egypt), in Denbighshire. Most importantly though are the many ordinary supporters in the north who have been inspired by her to support Christian Aid’s work. This has been the core of her role – and she did it with excellence at all times.’

Cynan Llwyd added, ‘Whilst we will feel the loss, we wish her well for the future. Her skills as a regional coordinator will be just as useful as a church leader. We pray God’s blessing on her new ministry.’