Child in Christian Aid tabard

Our top five Christian Aid Week resources

From fundraising to reflecting, here's our roundup of the essential resources for Christian Aid Week – and why you need them!

1. Devotional: take a reflective journey through the seven days of Christian Aid Week, which also contains our campaign postcard, so you can add your voice to our campaign to drop the debt in Sierra Leone. Order your devotional

2. CAW film: Download and watch this stunning film about maternal health provision in Sierra Leone, featuring nurse Judith and mum Tenneh Bawoh showing the powerful change our gifts could bring this year.

3. Red envelope: our classic red envelope has become a symbol for Christian Aid Week fundraising, and is ideal for collections in any setting. You can easily Gift Aid your donation too, boosting your gift by 25%! Order your envelope now

4. Big Brekkie pack: perfect for organising your own fun-filled breakfast event. Our free pack provides everything you need to decorate and run your event however big or small, so order your Big Brekkie pack, pop the kettle on and get planning.

5. Poster set: our multi-use poster set will help you promote Christian Aid Week in your community – but most importantly, it contains a thank-you poster so you can celebrate what you've achieved together.

Order your resources today

You can order these items, and many more, to help you celebrate Christian Aid Week your way.