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The Time Is Now

Lobbyists from Bournemouth West constituency

The Time is Now mass lobby in London was an incredible event where around 15,000 people came together to campaign against climate change, in the hope of getting our MPs' attention. Christian Aid teamed up with a number of other charities and organisations to form the Climate Coalition. Together we believe we can raise awareness around climate change and get our politicians to urgently invest in measures to ensure the UK reaches net zero emissions by 2045, and pass an ambitious Environment Bill to put a halt to the mass extinction of species.

It was amazing to see the Embankment packed with people so passionate about our planet. And it was truly impacting when, at 2pm, everybody’s alarms rang and the sounds of bells, phones and voices resounded, sending the message ‘the world’s alarm clock is ringing.’ Many MPs were seen surrounded by large groups of people, discussing and listening. It was powerful to see supporters and friends from such diverse organisation as WWF and RSPB all coming together for a common cause.

Before the lobby, Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg said: ‘All of life is in the balance now and we must stand together…people of all faiths and none.’ Thank you to everyone who came from the South West for standing together.