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The Time is Now!

Lobbying our MPs

Hundreds of people set off from across the South East region to meet their MPs and join this week's mass lobby of parliament in London.

Christian Aid and the Climate Coalition are calling on MPs to:

  • commit to investment of a minimum of 2% of GDP per year on climate action, to make net zero a reality;
  • ensure all emissions cuts are domestic, not achieved via dodgy international carbon-trading with low-emitting developing countries;
  • rapidly put in place ambitious policies to get us on track to net zero by 2045 at the latest.
A cheerful group

Over 50 people went from each Oxford constituency alone! This included those pictured from Wesley Memorial Church in Oxford, and Sarah Clay, our Business Manager, meeting her MP, Layla Moran

Thank you to all who came along, and a big thank you to the MPs for their time and willingness to listen.

Layla Moran MP and Sarah Clay