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Successful Challenge

Nineteen fearless abseilers

Nineteen abseilers climbed the 34-metre tower of St Mary’s Church in Redenhall (Norfolk) on Saturday 20 July to raise money for Christian Aid.  Despite the weather forecast of lightning which threatened the event being postponed, the weather was fine. Everyone managed to climb the tower steps and there was a great sense of achievement as people abseiled down the tower and were presented with an achievement certificate.

Julian Bryant Regional Coordinator for Christian Aid commented, ’I was so impressed with how brave people were. The Redenhall Church tower is very high and we had people between the ages of ten and seventy abseiling down. Some people were scared of heights but still did it. People came from different places including Harleston, Norwich and even Cambridge.  The smiles on the faces of those landing showed what an achievement it was both for them but also for people living in poverty overseas.’

Catherine Richardson (pictured) said,’ ‘I did the abseil to raise money for Christian Aid and to help people living in poverty. It was a real challenge and I am so pleased the money raised will help the poorest people overcome their own challenges. Once I had trusted the rope and knew it was taking my weight, I was much happier to push myself out and down.  Once off the ledge, I actually enjoyed it!’

So far the abseil looks like it will raise over £1,500 with sponsorship money and Gift Adi still coming in.

If you are interested in organising or participating in an event of this kind, contact your local organiser.

Thumbs up from abseiler Catherine