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Gertrude Hamooya, SCCS 100 Voices 2018

Most of us won’t even harvest anything this year because of the rains coming at the wrong time of the year.

- Gertrude Hamooya, one of 100 global voices calling for an ambitious Climate Bill.

Gertrude Hamooya, 38 is a small-scale farmer in the Chipembi area of Chisamba District in Zambia. She cultivates mainly maize and groundnuts but also keeps free range chickens.

'Our lives have become harder as farmers due to climate change. The dry spell we experienced at the beginning of this season meant that our crops could not make it even when the rains finally came, because when the rains did come, they were too heavy such that even a few plants that could have made it were destroyed by the floods.

'Most of us won’t even harvest anything this year because of the rains coming at the wrong time of the year.

'The heavy rains have also destroyed the few roads we have in the area making it extremely difficult for us to transport anything or even to go to the hospitals.

'I think richer countries should also help sensitise us on the disadvantages of charcoal burning and also help train us in other businesses as a way of survival.

'They should also help us financially because they’re also contributing to climate change because of their industries.'

What can you do?
Read more, take action or come to a workshop.
Take action
Climate change is the single greatest threat to humanity in our lifetime.
Email your MSPs
Speak up for the best possible Bill.
Local Climate Lobbies
Find out how you can take part in the local climate lobbies.
Push for a strong Scottish Climate Change Act

The recently published Climate Change Bill lacks the ambition and action needed for Scotland to play its part in tackling climate change. The Scottish Government claims that they'll be one of the first countries to achieve net-zero emissions, but the Bill doesn't commit to that.

Please take action today by asking your MSPs to push for changes to the Bill as it makes its way through Parliament.

Together we can create an Act that ends Scotland's contribution to climate change within a generation.

Want to know more about the campaign?

Contact our Campaigns and Advocacy Coordinator, Fiona Buchanan.