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Purton Christian Aid Week Highlights

Published on 6 July 2018

This year's Christian Aid Week in Purton, Swindon, was a resounding success. Local supporters arranged a packed week full of enjoyable and wholesome activities to entice the town to come along and support all the good work that the week's fundraising goes towards. 

The activities started with a Murder Mystery play with supper in the Silver Threads Hall on Friday 11 May. Attendees came in 1930’s costumes and paid £10 a ticket each for an evening of entertainment and food while working out ‘who done it’. It was thoroughly amusing for all involved.

Next came the Cafe Service with breakfast on Sunday 13 May in the Methodist Church which was attended by over 50 people. There were two cauldrons of porridge and all sorts of other cereal options as well as bacon butties and warm croissants with home made jam. 

The morning took the format of a service from Christian Aid, which was extremely powerful. The film about Vilia and the devastation of Hurricane Matthew was very emotional and created all sorts of conversation afterwards.

Nigel Quarrell, former head of Christian Aid South West, gave a very thought-provoking and encouraging talk. This was followed up by Rev Judith, who encouraged the attendees to write messages on paper bricks. 

Sunday's Breakfast Service

Alongside a lunch in the Methodist Church, there was also a Cake and Plant Sale (and raffle!) on Saturday 19 May at Top Shops. 

Finally, everyone in the village was invited to a birthday bring and share lunch on Sunday 20 May for two ladies involved in Christian Aid who turned 70 at the weekend.

Generous reputation 

Purton has quite a reputation now for giving so generously, an encouragement for the local Christian Aid workers! The response to the breakfast service was very rewarding – for example, three new volunteers have offered their services and have been collecting envelopes since. 

At the current rate, Purton should be able to raise an average of £1 per person in the village – a very amicable milestone!

What's great is that Purton just doesn't stop. A mini breakfast has been hosted since Christian Aid Week (pictured below), further contributing to the healthy sum that the community have raised for Christian Aid in recent weeks. 

More to do

Finally, Purton locals can get their hands on the mind-boggling annual quiz which causes fun and frustration in many households. It costs just £2 and is a chance to win £25. Locals can pick up one in the Purton vets, butcher, farm shop and Sheer Success. 

Thanks again to everyone who has been involved in recent activities in and around Christian Aid Week. Every contribution counts! 

Purton Mini Breakfast