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Published on 23 March 2022

This is a dark and worrying time. We have seen the heart-breaking stories of people fleeing violence, not knowing when they’ll see their loved ones again.

It shouldn't be like this. War and poverty should have no place in our world.

Join us on Sunday 3 April

You can join this action in the following ways:
  • PRAY - Join with Christians across the country by reading out one of our prayers for Ukraine in your service on 3 April
  • ORGANISE - Arrange a visible act of witness at 2pm on the day, or as part your regular service. This could involve wearing blue and yellow, lighting candles, holding a moment of silence, or holding up blue and yellow hearts as an act of solidarity.
  • SHARE - Share photographs of your acts of witness on social media with the hashtag #WePrayForUkraine
  • JOIN - If you're in London, join us for a vigil outside the embassy of Ukraine at 1.50pm on 3 April. 

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