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Published on 23 August 2022

Together you created 671 e-envelopes, and raised nearly £200,000.

The money you've raised will make an enormous difference to the lives of people living in poverty around the world. People like Jessica Mwedzi, who's remaining resilient and hopeful in the face of hardship.

During Christian Aid Week 2022, we shared with you stories of families in Zimbabwe.

Since we met Jessica Mwedzi last September, Jessica has faced several challenges. As well as the persistent harsh weather she sadly is grieving the loss of her husband Phanuel.

Despite these hardships, Jessica remains resilient, saying that she hopes 'for a better future for my family and for our living standards to improve’.

How our BRACT programme is supporting Jessica and other families

Jessica shared with us some of the support she is receiving from our local partner BRACT, and a message of thanks.

'I received several trainings from BRACT that include Climate Smart Agriculture concepts, village savings group, quinoa production, chicken egg management and hay making. The village savings concept helped me... when my husband died.’  

The BRACT project (Building Resilience through improving the Absorptive and Adaptive Capacity for Transformation) has continued to help Jessica develop skills and techniques to grow food, and she treasures the skills she's learnt.

Jessica has been able to grow a small amount of cowpeas for harvest, and she also buys and sells tomatoes to make a little profit. Her heartfelt message to you, our supporters, is:

'I want to thank you for how you keep remembering me and please continue praying for me and my family.’

Thank you once again for you continued support.

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