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Meet our North West regional volunteer speaker team!

We have an incredible team of volunteer speakers who are available to come and speak in churches, at events, or any church or group gathering.

They are able to speak on Christian Aid's work in general or on a specific theme or project. They all have a great deal of experience and are extremely passionate and committed to Christian Aid's work and supporting the world's poorest communities.

Their availability varies and they can get booked up so if you would like to book one of our speakers, please do give us notice.

If you would like to book a speaker, please contact us on or 01925 582 817

Meet our speakers in Cheshire
From left to right: Deborah Darnes, Richard Baker and Wendy Ross-Barker
Deborah Darnes
Richard Baker
Wendy Ross-Barker
Meet our speakers in Cumbria
From left to right: Dare Holland, Deb Lee and Valerie Hallard.
Dare Holland
Deb Lee
Valerie Hallard
Meet our speakers in Greater Manchester
From left to right: Bonnie Gillies, David Thomas, Hilary Thomas.
Bonnie Gillies
David Thomas
Hilary Thomas
Paul Beatty, Susan Beatty
Paul Beatty
Susan Beatty
Meet our speaker in Lancashire
From left to right: Arton Medd and Bea Foster
Arton Medd
bea foster