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Published on 4 February 2019

HSBC’s new strapline is ‘Together we thrive.’ That’s what we’re working for too – a world where everyone can thrive, not just survive. 

But climate change is a serious threat to life in all its fullness for everyone – hitting those living in poverty first and worst.

So why is HSBC continuing to fund climate change by investing in fossil fuels, and refusing to rule out funding for coal?

How can we create a world where we can all thrive?

If we’re going to prevent catastrophic climate change, we need to stop using fossil fuels. And HSBC must stop funding them if it’s going to live up to its own words.

The drive and enthusiasm of people around the world to tackle climate change is inspiring – people like Randy Zosa, who volunteers as a ‘solar scholar’ in his community, bringing light and power to people’s homes.

But his struggle is being undermined by the actions of HSBC.

It’s time to rise up

That’s why this Lent we’re rising up to tackle climate change, and calling on HSBC to make the Big Shift away from fossil fuels and into renewable energy.

It’s essential that they hear from people in every community how important this is. Can you rise up with us and get the message across?

Visit your local HSBC branch and make change happen
  • Order our posters and ask others to sign the petition on the back
  • Take the posters to your local HSBC branch, and take some photos outside
  • Send the photos to us at, and share them on social media using #BigShift
  • Hand in a letter addressed to John Flint, HSBC CEO, to branch staff and ask them to ensure that it's passed on.
  • Spread the word to your neighbouring churches or communities to ensure we cover all the branches!
Get in touch

Email us at and we can send you:

  • posters that can act as petitions
  • a draft press release
  • a template letter for you to hand in at the bank

Let us know how we can support your visit, or if we can link you up with other people.