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Published on 29 April 2024

Back in January, Godfrey, from Derbyshire, embarked on a remarkable journey to walk the equivalent distance of Land’s End to John O’Groats – 1,000 miles – all to fund lasting change. 

Every day, come rain or shine, Godfrey has been making his way around a local track near his home. Having walked over 250 miles so far, he’s also rallied the community and supporters to donate more than £2,700.

Fundraise for Christian Aid Week

As we approach Christian Aid Week, draw inspiration from Godfrey’s incredible journey to fundraise for lasting change.

A special visit from Christian Aid

Recently, Godfrey’s was joined by none other than Nick Georgiadis, Christian Aid’s Director of Fundraising and Supporter Engagement.

Joining Godfrey and his son on the track, Nick expressed his admiration for Godfrey's relentless spirit and his lifelong support for Christian Aid.

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Nick (left) with Godfrey (right) Credit: Christian Aid
Nick, in a red Christian Aid polo shirt, walks next to Godfrey in a blue waterproof coat and black hat, holding a walking staff. They walk along the grass

Godfrey is an incredible inspiration. His determination and his passion for our cause, motivated by his deep faith and firsthand experiences with extreme poverty, are genuinely uplifting.

- Nick Georgiadis.

The motivation behind his miles

When asked about his motivation, Godfrey’s response was both humorous and poignant: ‘It’s vanity really – I like showing off,’ he joked.

But on a more serious note, he added, ‘I’m also interested in raising money for people in the world who are watching their children grow up under-nourished and without the essentials.’

This isn’t the first stint of support for Christian Aid from Godfrey’s family. The Meynell family’s history with Christian Aid stretches back decades. It features memories of engaging the community during Christian Aid Week and delivering aid envelopes from house to house.

How Godfrey’s fundraising will make an impact

The funds raised by Godfrey will go towards for transformative projects, much like the initiatives in Burundi that helped Aline Nibogora and her family.

Aline, once struggling in the grips of poverty, found new hope and opportunity through the small business training funded by Christian Aid’s local partners. From homelessness and abuse to becoming a thriving grocery wholesaler, Aline's journey exemplifies the impact of the support from fundraisers like Godfrey (or you!).

Godfrey is walking to empower more individuals like Aline to escape the trap of poverty and secure a better future for themselves and their children. By providing essential training and resources, these funds help break the cycle of poverty and enable communities to build sustainable, prosperous futures.

The way our supporters put their faith into action for our global neighbours is a constant source of inspiration for me and I am incredibly grateful for all our supporters’ dedication and compassion. We couldn’t fight poverty and injustice without you.

- Nick Georgiadis.
Fundraise for lasting change

Seven days, so many ways to fund lasting change. Walk like Godfrey, join our 70k in May challenge or fundraise your way.

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