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Published on 13 June 2022

Maurice Sinclair, 84 year-old Honorary Assistant Bishop of Birmingham, ran a half marathon for Christian Aid because he feels he has been blessed with good health over a long life.

He has also been blessed with a long marriage. He is due to celebrate with his wife, Gill, their diamond wedding in July, so the couple decided to make 2022 a special year. Their granddaughter, Ellen, suggested the half marathon and who could refuse such an invitation?

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Maurice with his granddaughter Ellen Credit: Photo provided by Maurice
An older man wearing a Christian Aid running shirt smiling next to her daughter

The race day on 22 May, was brilliantly sunny, showing off Hackney, its marsh and its parks at their best. There was a great atmosphere from the start. Events though can be more than fun, bearing in mind all else that is happening in the world.

Maurice, who has served with the Anglican Church in South America and in Egypt, has been involved with Christian Aid since the 1970’s. He helped with The Anglican Rural Development Programme, standing with indigenous communities in the Argentine Chaco under threat of epidemic disease and malnutrition, committing to Christian Aid’s work there in providing health care, education and economic development.

Maurice chose to raise money for Christian Aid's appeal, responding to the devastating global hunger crisis. It will be very special to Maurice if generous supporters of Christian Aid enable him to surpass his GiveStar target of £3,000 to bring relief to those facing the threat of starvation across the world.

Maurice's half marathon

Congratulate Maurice for completing his half marathon and donate to our Global Hunger Appeal through the link below.

Global Hunger Appeal

Families facing extreme hunger urgently need your support.