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Published on 11 March 2022

Woking URC took on a unique and ingenious approach to fundraising to overcome the limitations of the pandemic.

They held a live-streamed 24hr Bibleathon, drawing in over 75 readers from around the world and reading the whole of the New Testament in over 3 different languages and varying time zones. 

They smashed their original target of £6,000 and raised close to £11,000! 

Rev Lucy Brierley of Woking URC (pictured above with her family who all took part) said:

Christian Aid logo

Normally members of our church would go door to door fundraising during Christian Aid Week. That couldn’t happen this year, so we thought creatively about how to support Christian Aid’s brilliant work.

The Bible ‘read-a-thon’ took place for nearly a week, between Saturday to Sunday in May 2021, where people signed up to read 30 minutes slots. Eight participants volunteered to act as hosts in order to keep things moving, cover any technical elements and share a Christian Aid story every hour. Participants' ages ranged from 5 to 90+ years old! 

In 2020 Rev. Lucy’s husband, Justin, shaved his head to fundraise for Christian Aid, so we can only hope they’ll continue to find new and innovative ways to fight poverty with us and inspire others to do so too.