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Human rights and multiculturalism on Hispaniola

In July 2019, young Haitians and Dominicans met to discuss human rights and multiculturalism, to help improve border relations and forge closer links between the two nations that make up Hispaniola - Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

The meeting in Ouanaminthe, Haiti, was coordinated by SJM-Haiti with the support of Centro Montalvo under the European Union and Christian Aid-funded binational project.

SJM Haiti meeting young Haitians and Dominicans
Ten young Haitians and 10 Dominicans were part of the event in July, dicussing human rights and multiculturalism

Protecting the rights of the stateless migrant population

The younger generations represent the hope of this Haitian-Dominican dynamic of living together in the years to come.

Common challenges and ways of articulating the impact of joint actions and their solutions were identified by the young participants during these exchanges.

Christian Aid Haiti/DR supports this initiative and recommends our partners keep pushing these dynamics and bring it to a higher level to achieve national and regional impact.

Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the island of Hispaniola, the largest in the Caribbean after Cuba.

This kind of exchange provides hope that the two countries can develop and maintain a strong relationship despite radical groups manipulating racial anxieties and fears that defy economic logic and business interests.

The workshop in Ouanaminthe was followed by cultural exchanges, where the young participants visited historical and cultural monuments in northern Haiti. 

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