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Published on 1 July 2024

Faith Will launched in 2023 and is the first partnership of its kind. Last year, over 200 churches and Quaker meetings signed up to take part, using our free resources.  

What is Faith Will? 

Faith Will is a partnership between church denominations and Christian Aid that makes talking about gifts in Wills, and their incredible impact, easier.  

It’s a way of inspiring Christians across the UK to consider leaving a gift in their Will to both Christian Aid and their place of worship.  

Whether it’s keeping the mission of your church alive or standing with our global neighbours, Faith Will unites people to leave a legacy of hope for generations to come.  

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Take part in Faith Will

Discover the impact legacies can make to your church and global neighbours. Sign up to Faith Will and download or order your FREE Faith Will resources.

The power of partnership 

Did you know people, on average, leave around three gifts to charities in their Wills?  

When Christians of all denominations come together to consider the difference this could make, the impact is profound. 

The power of our collective effort truly showed last autumn, when Faith Will moments – from sermons to simple chats and leaflets over coffee – happened up and down the country. 

our partnering churches: the Church of England, The Church of Scotland, the Quakers and the United Reformed church.

How Rev. Rosemary inspired action with Faith Will resources

Last year, Reverend Rosemary Hendry incorporated the Faith Will resources into her sermon to the Anglican congregation at Crawcrook , Tyne and Wear. The sermon notes helped Rosemary to share how legacy gifts are an amazing expression of our faith – allowing us to return thanks to God as well as giving to causes we love and value, such as the local church and Christian Aid.  

As a result of the Sunday sermon a congregation member rang Rosemary to say that she and her husband had changed their Wills to include gifts to their church and to Christian Aid. It also inspired Rosemary and her husband to update their own Wills in the same way.   

Rev Rosemary Hendry smiling at the camera

The Faith Will resources spurred me on and moved me and the congregation to take action. We all want to leave our mark and make a lasting difference to the world – the Faith Will campaign gets the message out, that doing so is very easy, as well as enormously positive!

5 ways to take part in Faith Will 

Here are five ideas, using the FREE worship resources, to help create a Faith Will moment at your church.

The power of legacy

Both churches and Christian Aid make such an impact on the world, transforming communities for local and global neighbours. Gifts in Wills have the power to change lives for many generations. 

The Faith Will materials and training have built our confidence in talking about legacies, and grown our focus on legacies for this season. We’ve pointed several churches specifically towards Christian Aid speakers, encouraging them to have a legacy focus in the coming months, using Faith Will as their focus. We’ve also included features on Faith Will in our Diocesan newspaper and our treasurer’s newsletter.

- Gabby Parikh, Diocese of Southwark .

We hope your church will join us this autumn and help put faith into action for generations to come. 

Sign up to Faith Will

This is your church's moment to help spread the message: ‘Your Faith is powerful, so is your Will’. Get your free updated resources.

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Faith Will

Sign up to Faith Will to spread the message: Your Faith is powerful, so is your Will. 

Your faith is powerful, so is your Will

Have you thought about what your legacy to the world will be? Your Will is a powerful way to help change the world.

5 inspiring Faith Will ideas for your church

Our selection of ideas to help you start you Faith Will conversation.