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You can’t help but have noticed Facebook Fundraisers from your friends filling up your newsfeed over the past year. People from all walks of life are raising incredible totals for causes close to their hearts, and all from the comfort of your smartphone.

They’re easy enough to set up, and we’ll talk you through that, but how can you make sure your Facebook Fundraiser really hits or even exceeds your target?

How to set up a Facebook Fundraiser

  1. You’ll then have the option to choose your fundraising target and when you’d like your fundraiser to end
  2. Next step is to pick a title for your Fundraiser and give a bit more info on why you’ve chosen to support Christian Aid
  3. The final step is to pick an image for your Fundraiser, and you can choose any of our photos to give a visual idea of the people you’re raising money for.

Our top tips for fundraising excellence:

Tell your story

Personal stories move people more than anything else, because our reasons for giving to charities are exactly that. One young supporter started a Facebook Fundraiser for her birthday in memory of her grandad who was an inspiring Christian Aid volunteer. 

Even if you don’t have a family connection to a charity, sharing what’s moved you to raise money could inspire someone in your friend list to give.

Maybe you spent some time in India and want to do something to help people who are living in poverty, or you’ve heard about communities in Kenya on the frontline of the climate crisis, struggling to survive. Your reason to give could be someone else’s too.

Invite your friends

Build momentum by connecting friends to your fundraiser. People who invite friends are four times more likely to reach their goal.

Donate to your fundraiser

Other people are more likely to donate when they see that someone has already contributed. It also shows your commitment to helping the cause.

Share a success story from your chosen charity

Charities have some remarkable stories of transformation, whether it’s research that’s helped cure people of cancer or a community self-help group that’s sparked women’s empowerment. Have a look at our website and find a story that shows what we do and the people we help.

Share it with your friends to let them know their money is going to a great cause, it can also be a little reminder to donate.


Don’t be afraid to post a link to your fundraiser again and share your progress so far

‘Wow! 5 days in and we’ve already raised £75. This is amazing – not too late to donate ?

Celebrate hitting your target

Raising money for charity is a great achievement, and the people who’ve donated will be proud that they have helped you reach your target. Plus you might get some late donations from people who forgot to give. Either way, say a big hooray for you and your friends for making a huge difference for people living in poverty.

Thank people for their donations

It’s inspiring to see everyone’s gifts coming together to reach your goal, and that wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of your friends.

Say thank you and maybe remind them of the great work their donation is going towards.

Thanks for Facebook Fundraising for Christian Aid!

Photo by Kon Karampelas on Unsplash