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Published on 4 May 2021

What a luxury it is to walk simply for pleasure and wellbeing. Across the world, people walk for miles to collect water, to reach health clinics and schools. They walk to flee conflict and climate change.

Christian Aid has been walking alongside people across the world for the last 75 years.

In Kenya, our partners have been working with communities to build damns so that farmers spend less time gathering water and more time gathering crops.

In Nicaragua, we’ve been trialling new climate-resistant crops so that neighbourhoods can stay together. And in Sierra Leone we have helped communities to improve their access to maternal health.

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Kasyoka Mwanzia at the Kyeng'e dam. Credit: Tom Pilston / Christian Aid
Kasyoka Mwanzia (15) pouring water into a container in a river

Christian Aid supporters have long walked in faith and solidarity alongside those whose lives are an endless hike. During the virtual Kiltwalk Weekend 2021 (23-25 April), 147 supporters pulled on their walking boots.

Alloway Parish Church takes on the Kiltwalk

In Alloway, Rev Neil McNaught and Rev David Hume were cheered on virtually when they walked around their local area and together raised £9,013.

Two men bumping elbows while in kilts
Two women posing next to the Queensferry Bridge

Crossing bridges in Queensferry

In Queensferry, Gwenneth Williamson, Lesley MacKenzie, Jeanette McIvor and Annette Carrie, whose husband John started the Queensferry Bridge Cross, took on the Kiltwalk challenge. The four women walked the bridge and the local area and raised £4,404.

Banks of the Tay Kiltwalk for Kirk Moderator Martin Fair

The Moderator of the Church of Scotland, Rev Dr. Martin Fair, has spent most of his year in office travelling on foot or on public transport. Martin raised £1,440 walking six miles along the Tay. That’s similar to the distance that women such as Rose in Kenya walk for water each day.

Moderator Rev Dr Martin Fair prepared for his kiltwalk
Janice and Liz posing for the camera

Supporters in Perth walk 20 miles for their Kiltwalk Challenge

Liz Thomson and Janice Taylor, from North Church in Perth, walked twenty miles over 3 days raising £8,600.

In total, our Christian Aid Kiltwalkers have raised over £107,000. Thanks to the generosity of the Hunter Foundation, that incredible amount has increased to £160,047.97.

For the past 75 years, money raised by Christian Aid supporters has supported farmers, teachers and healthcare workers. You have improved the lives of the most vulnerable and your money will continue to be used to ensure that people do not need to walk for their lives due to climate change.

Together we are a movement for change. Thank you for working alongside us and our global neighbours.