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Published on 18 October 2021

Christian Aid Scotland has been awarded £120,500 from the Scottish Government’s Humanitarian Emergency Fund to reach those devastated by conflict, Covid-19 and the climate crisis in South Sudan.

James Wani is Christian Aid’s Country Director in Africa.

‘This grant from the Scottish Government is good news for the people in South Sudan who will need aid to survive this year. Conflict, Covid and climate change have devastated the livelihoods of almost 80% of the population. Thanks to Scottish taxpayers, Christian Aid will be able to reach those who are most vulnerable and who need immediate support.’

- James Wani, Christian Aid’s Country Director in Africa.

Sally Foster-Fulton said, ‘Thanks to the Scottish Government’s Humanitarian Emergency Fund, our partners in South Sudan will be able to support people who have reached a catastrophic level of hunger caused by the worst flooding in 60 years.’

Extreme weather has caused two harvests to fail. Farmers and fisher folk are running out of options. Women, children and those already in poor health are particularly vulnerable to starvation.

Christian Aid has been working in South Sudan for decades and our partners consulted with the most vulnerable communities to identify the best short- and long-term solutions to this food crisis.

Sally Foster-Fulton is acutely aware that our work in South Sudan must provide immediate support and enduring resilience to the impacts of climate chaos.

‘We want to ensure that people are fed today – and tomorrow. Our team on the ground will distribute cash to the most vulnerable: elderly people, those with disabilities and to new mothers. They will also provide seeds and fishing kits to help families replant fields and find new food sources.’

- Sally Foster-Fulton, Head of Christian Aid Scotland.

Our partners are distributing cash to those most vulnerable to starvation. Seeds and fishing kits will go to households who have lost their livelihoods. The project will last for 4 months.

You can find out more about our work with communities on the brink of famine at our Global Hunger Emergency Appeal.

Scottish Government Humanitarian Emergency Fund

Our work in South Sudan is supported by the Scottish Government Humanitarian Emergency Fund.

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