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East Africa Response

Published on 26 July 2022

After the worst drought in 40 years, millions of people across East Africa are facing the acute threat of famine. The severe weather is being made worse by the climate crisis and COVID. Now, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has amplified an increase in global food prices that has turned an already tough situation into a dire crisis. 

Poverty and hunger are set to rise exponentially in some of the poorest parts of the world. Christian Aid is hearing of growing fears that a food crisis could lead to riots and instability. The time to act is now.

- Michael Mosselmans, Christian Aid’s Head of Humanitarian.

Our Response

Working through local partners, Christian Aid is responding to the hunger crisis in the worst-affected areas in Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan. With your help we aim to provide life-saving support to over 300,000 people in urgent need. 

  • In Ethiopia, our local partners will help prevent herders from losing livestock through emergency livestock feed and vaccination programs, as well as improving access to safe water and improving hygiene and sanitation facilities 

  • In Kenya, our partners will provide cash assistance, improve access to clean water and provide emergency veterinary treatment for livestock 

  • In South Sudan our partners will provide cash, seeds, fishing kits and support for village savings and loan associations to help support community resilience 

Your support matters

Since our Global Hunger Appeal last year, and the amazing responde to supporters, we have together with our local partners worked hard to respond to the people that need it the most. 

It hurts, as a mother, not able to feed and provide the basics for my growing kids. Life is good now, and improving.

- Aysha.

Aysha and her family lives in Hadeleal woreda of Afar region in Ethiopia. Their livelihood depends on rearing animals like cattle, sheep, and goats. 

Prior to the conflict, the family’s life was stable. When the war broke out and conflict approached their village, the family left with nothing more than the clothes on their backs.

They travelled more than 25 km on foot in order to find a safe and stable place to stay. Aysha added “The situation for a women like me, has been so difficult. night, the temperature was cold, the water we drink was not safe, our children are vulnerable.”

After a month the family were able to return to their home. Their house was not affected by the war, but their furniture and other commodities were all looted, the sheep and goats are eaten by wild animals.  

Christian Aid and local partners have worked to reach vulnerable families across the region with life-saving support. Aysha’s family received kitchen supply, jerry cans and other materials to get on their feet again.  

“The new material provided improved our lives and now are cooking our food using the kitchen set. We fetch water from the water point using jerry canes. life is good now.” 

With thanks to support, Aysha is now able to provide for her family.

Sign our petition to send a clear message to the Prime Minister that we are #HungryForAction.

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