Tenneh and her baby

When Ebola broke out in 2014,  Sierra Leone had to borrow money to fight it. But while the country is saddled with this debt, mums and babies are struggling to get the healthcare they need. Will you stand together with mums and call for Sierra Leone’s Ebola debt to be dropped?

The Ebola outbreak that hit Sierra Leone back in 2014 was the worst in history. It killed almost 4,000 Sierra Leoneans, including 10% of the country’s healthcare workers.

With the country already scarred by a long and bloody civil war, the government had little choice but to accept loans from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to help cope with the crisis.

But these debt repayments have left Sierra Leone with even less money to provide the healthcare so desperately needed to ensure mums and babies survive childbirth.

Will you sign the petition to drop Sierra Leone’s debt?

The most dangerous place to become a mum

Sierra Leone is the most dangerous place in the world to become a mum. Ten women die from giving birth every day. The country lacks funds for proper health clinics, health training and enough ambulances.

Tenneh Bawoh (pictured) lives in Sawula village in Sierra Leone and knows only too well what it is like to love and lose a baby because of a lack of healthcare.

She endured a traumatic birth without the help of a healthcare worker and only just survived. Her baby boy died three months later.

‘That day I will never forget,’ Tenneh recalls. ‘If we’d had a nurse and hospital at that time my baby would not have died.’

Stand up for mums

The injustice of debt from the Ebola crisis means mums like Tenneh can’t access the healthcare they need and deserve.

We do not believe it is right that Sierra Leone has to pay off debts which come from a major health crisis like Ebola.

The UK Government has a lot of power within the IMF to do something about this. So we're asking the UK Chancellor to use this influence and push the IMF to drop Sierra Leone's debt.

Stand up for mums and babies and sign the petition

Our faith calls us to challenge and expose the injustice we find. We believe we can create a world where everyone can have fullness of life.

Call on the UK Government to drop Sierra Leone’s debt incurred by loans given to help fight the 2014 Ebola crisis.

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