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Quiztian Aid

Published on 27 May 2020

Quiztian Aid

Some of the highlights of Christian Aid Week across Wales and the UK this year were the daily quizzes. Here in Wales we held our own Welsh language quiz on the Thursday evening which raised an amazing £1,255. It was hosted by Rhys Llwyd, a Baptist minister in Caernarfon, and the winning the team was from Ebeneser Congregationalist Church, Cardiff. 

Christian Aid had to make significant changes to its yearly special week of fundraising activities due to the Coronavirus. A digital week was held, with the hope that more traditional events can be held some time during the autumn.

Acting Head of Christian Aid in Wales, Cynan Llwyd, said, ‘Things had to be very different this year, but our supporters have responded to the challenge in positive and creative ways. Our National Quiz was very popular, with both young and old from every corner of Wales joining in. We’re so grateful to all who took part and for donating so generously.

‘The challenge posed by the virus to Christian Aid Week was significant, and we had to adapt many of our plans, but having seen the response, I’m confident that it will be possible to build on the digital activities in the future.’

Cynan Llwyd added, ‘The Coronavirus has meant that Christian Aid has had to adapt its work around the world. As with every crisis, it is the poorest in our world who will suffer the most. The generosity shown by the people of Wales will help alleviate some of that suffering in a challenging period.’